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At Shipping Insurance we make it easy to get cargo insurance and moving insurance for international shipping or domestic transport coverage for your commercial cargo or personal goods. Get cargo insurance for cars, boats, household goods and general cargo. We work with one-time shippers and volume exporters & importers to offer discount coverage for freight, cargo & household goods moving within USA and to/from international shipping ports and overseas destinations. cargo insurance & shipping insurance logo

Shipping Insurance | Cargo Insurance | Moving Insurance
for Shipping of Commercial Cargo, Cars, Boats,
Household goods in Transit by Ocean, Air & Land

shipping insuranceShipping insurance is a "must-have" in today's global shipping & moving industry. Current transport logistics and international transport systems involve a lot of different vendors carrying only LIMITED liability. Your cargo travels without FULL VALUE insurance. Not to obtain the cargo insurance is to place your business & personal assets under a substantial risk.

cargo insuranceGetting international shipping insurance or domestic cargo insurance is very simple: select the cargo you're shipping or receiving (cars, boats, household goods, commercial freight), look up insurance quotes based on provided rates, submit freight shipping details, and receive your certificate of insurance coverage within minutes.

moving insurance
Here shippers can see the sample cargo insurance & shipping insurance policy and also learn about the coverage used in international ocean, air, rail and road transport & container shipping. You'll also find the links to Insuring Terms & Conditions with explanation in simple English along with helpful tables & graphs.

shipping insurance online
Once you studied the shipping insurance quotes and ready to get your international freight or domestic shipments insured - instructions listed here will collect the required shipping details. Cargo insurance discount rates are available for commercial freight, international moving, cars motorcycles boats trucks motorhomes trailers, etc.

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